Automatic Transmission Service

Discover unparalleled care for your vehicle's Transmission with TJP Auto & 4x4's Automatic Transmission Services.

Our meticulous approach involves comprehensive inspections, fluid change, filter changes, pan removal and clean and expert adjustments

ensuring your transmission operates at peak efficiency.


Automatic transmissions play a pivotal role in your vehicle's performance, impacting its smooth operation and overall longevity.

Regular servicing is crucial to prevent wear and tear, maintain optimal functionality, and extend the life of your transmission.


At TJP Auto & 4x4, we prioritize precision. Our technicians use the right fluids and adhere to the highest industry standards, ensuring your transmission receives the exact care it deserves.


Despite what some may say your transmisison is not sealed for life and if you want it to last then you need it serviced.


Choosing the correct fluid and following manufacturer recommendations is essential for optimal performance, preventing overheating, and avoiding costly repairs down the road.


Experience the TJP Auto & 4x4 difference – where our commitment to quality, paired with the right fluids and expert techniques, ensures your automatic transmission operates flawlessly, mile after mile.


Trust us to keep your vehicle running smoothly, from the inside out with a automatic transmission service in hobart from TJP Auto & 4x4.